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How do I oil the cutters of my paper shredder?

Regular oiling of cross cut shredders is a necessary maintenance step to keeping the shredder functioning properly and prolonging its life.

The frequency of oiling needed is determined by a range of factors such as the type of paper being shredded, the amount being shredded and whether the shredding is intermittent or continuous. For instance, if shredding continuous form paper, oiling may need to occur every 10 minutes.

It is a good practice to oil the cross cut shredder each time the wastebasket is emptied. (High security shredders should be oiled every 15 minutes or when capacity drops).

There are two acceptable oiling Methods:
  • Depress and hold the reverse button down. Put the tip of the oil bottle and squeeze oil across the paper entry, continue to depress the reverse button for another 10 seconds.
  • Depress and hold the Turbo forward button. Put the tip of the oil bottle and squeeze oil across the paper entry. Release the turbo button and press the Auto-On and shred one piece of paper. Press and hold the Reverse button for 2-3 seconds.
It is recommended that Fellowes Powershred Oil #35250 be used for oiling Fellowes shredders or a suitable substitute. A suitable substitute is limited to vegetable based oils, with a flash point over 450 ° F, that will not go rancid.

When using oil not in the original Fellowes Powershred Oil bottle, oil must be dispensed from a plastic long nozzle bottle.

Do not use any oil or lubricant that is dispensed from an aerosol container or that is petroleum-based. Use of such aerosols, oils or lubricants will void the warranty and could create a fire hazard and cause serious damage and/or injury.

Can I shred labels in my Fellowes Paper Shredder?

Unfortunately, no.

While some Fellowes shredders are capable of shredding staples, paper clips, credit cards or CD/DVD media, no Fellowes paper shredder is capable of safely destroying adhesive backed labels.

Using your shredder to destroy these types of documents can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your shredder, which would not be covered under the warranty on your unit.

Because the adhesives will build up on the cutters of the shredder, any item with adhesive backing is not recommended. Such items include, mailing labels, envelopes, stickers or any material that has a sticky or gummy backing.

How do I know if the SafeSense™ feature is working?

To test SafeSenseTM move power switch to I or Auto position. The green ready light should illuminate and the shredder will run for a few seconds and shut off. This is normal.

Simply touch the shiny chrome area around paper entry throat. The yellow sensor light should turn on, indicating that the SafeSenseTM feature is working.

See the diagram below:

If the SafeSense TM light is flashing continuously, this indicates that the SafeSense TM feature is in the override position.

WARNING: The Safe SenseTM feature will NOT work when the override switch is activated. Reactivate SafeSenseTM before you begin to shred.

Use your manual help locate where the SafeSenseTM Override switch is located on your model. Once this is located, flip switch to opposite position and re-test using instructions above.

Why does my paper shredder operate in reverse only?

This likely has to do with the Auto run sensor of your shredder not being engaged correctly.

On small shredders, the sensor is normally a mechanical sensor, which looks like a plastic bar or lever in the very center of the mouth of the shredder, (Where you normally insert the paper). When shredding small documents, such as checks or receipts, be sure that you are inserting the paper directly over this sensor.

If that doesn't seem to be the problem, you may want to check to be sure that no paper is stuck underneath this sensor. If you can see small amounts of paper, with the shredder turned off, use a needle nosed pliers, tweezers or toothpick to try to remove small amounts of debris from below this mechanical sensor.

All other shredders will have an electronic sensor. These sensors are also located in the very center of the mouth of the shredder, and look like small glass beads or marbles. These are the photo sensors that sense if paper is being inserted into the shredder. As with the mechanical sensor, paper must be inserted in the very center for the shredder to detect paper.

If you need additional assistance, or if the above solutions did not solve your problem, please contact us by clicking on the "Ask a Question" tab above. You should expect a reply within 1 business day.

Shredder - Not Accepting Paper

This may be an indication that there may be damage to the gearing inside the shredder.

With the motor running, carefully look into the mouth of the shredder to see if you can see movement of the cutters at all. If nothing is turning or they are turning intermittently, this can indicate damage to the transfer gear.

If this is the case, you may want to contact us by clicking the "Ask a Question" tab, to determine if replacement gears are available for your shredder and to determine warranty coverage. Normal response from customer service is generally next business day.

For fastest service, please include your serial number in your reply.

Cross Cut vs. Confetti Cut - Is there a difference?

Cross cut and confetti style shredders both cut the paper both vertically and horizontally to shred sizes approximately 5/32" x 2" pieces of paper. There is no difference at all between a shredder marketed as a confetti style and a shredder marketed as a cross cut style.

A strip cut shredder will cut in strips that are 1/4" and the length of the shredded paper will be the same as the paper being shred.

If you have additional questions, please click the "Ask a Question" tab above to ask a customer service representative for help. Generally a response should be received the next business day.
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